You Guys, This Whole “Getting Better” Thing is Working.

There have been a few unexpected surprises with the whole “getting better” thing.

The big one being, I  really am becoming better at stuff. (“Stuff” being a very technical term )

I’m having more fun with who I am. I’m meeting people I admire and they’re helping me with projects. And I’m working on more tasks that I care about. Most importantly, I feel better about myself and the way I’m handling things.

My temperament with my kids is SO much better since I committed to the change. I can’t begin to express how much I owe to these lessons.  So many hugs. So very little yelling. It’s been a miracle maker for me. I can count on 1 hand the number of times I’ve raised my voice this month. Before I took action, I couldn’t even make it Tuesday without moving to my second thumb.

This has been so much fun! Just look at that kid. This is right after he won the game ball last week.


Unexpectedly, I’ve even been eating better, too. (Do I really need that Ding Dong? Nah, I can do better.)

And I’ve been having a great time writing for this site. At first I was worried about building an audience, but now I truly don’t care. (No offense, reader, I’m thrilled that you’re here and hope this might help you, too.)  I’m happy with what I’m producing–and I’m not a fan of self promotion in the way that generates numbers. Even if nobody ever reads this, the people I’m writing for are seeing the change in me. 

So, how has his overlapped into my professional life? I’ve started tinkering at work. I drop personality into daily emails with co-workers and it lead to me being asked to manage a new project that they felt was lacking tone. And I started putting little flourishes of my favorite writers into things. (Stay tuned for elaboration on that next week).

I’ve been writing and reading more with my kids—which has always been something I’ve loved to do. More on that, and why my 6-year-old is a terrible editor, coming soon

Right now though, I’m super happy to be connecting on a deeper, healthier level. I found my smile. And I’ve hit publish way more than I’ve ever done before.

Yeah, better is definitely better.



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