We Lost, Now It’s Time to Shake Hands.

After the game ends, you shake hands. First with your team, then with your opponent. You line up and you say, “Good game.” 


The handshake line is the best tradition in sports and it’s what I reminded my kids this morning.

If you didn’t win, that’s OK. You feel the way the other team felt 4 years ago. You don’t love it, but you’re not supposed to. Because you care. And it’s never as bad as it feels right now.

We all taste victory. We all taste defeat.

That’s how it works.

If you won, congratulations. You fought hard. 

If you’re upset , that’s alright. Just remember that your entire team feels the same way. You are not alone. You played well. You played a respectable game and you did it together—and boy, did you make it close.


We’ll play again in 4 years. 

Good game, everyone.

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