Stealing Techniques From My Favorite Authors

I write a lot about brand loyalty and earning hotel points when you travel. I love it, but it can become a little formulaic. And I wanted a little adrenaline rush. So I started stealing.

…In a good way.


I’ve mentioned that I love children’s books. I’ve got Shel Silverstein and Roald Dahl tattooed on me. I literally wear my passion on my sleeve. But how does this relate to writing posts about hotels?

You gotta get crafty.

You use whatever you can use.

Clearly I can’t get away with putting in nonsensical phrases or silly words at work. But I can follow unconventional sentence structures.

I can write short. Like this. To make your eyes move. Then stop. Then fly fast. Woosh! Red light. Green light. Go! Across the page. And then I can randomly change it by putting in an unfittingly long sentence that carries more weight to it so maybe you’ll pay attention a little more and your brain notices some type of subconscious switch that makes you feel indecisive, or anxious, or even a wee bit panicked.

…But I only do that if I want to freak out my reader. Ya know, for funsies.


I can’t steal the themes I love, but I can steal the cadence.

And alliteration. Oh, I love alliteration. I eat it up, like tiny teeth tearing into taffy. It’s not like I can hit Seussian levels—I just pepper it in where I can. Especially with headlines. As long as they’re clear. Clear doesn’t have to mean to boring. 

It’s the little things like this that make my job fun. Oftentimes I’ll get a comment from a stakeholder that they really liked a piece, but they can’t exactly figure out what’s different about it. That’s when I know I got it right. Just enough familiarity to make it not feel ripped off.

It’s taken me about 2 years to find the balance. And that’s on top of a lifetime honing my voice. I don’t know that I’ll ever perfect it. That’s what makes this whole thing fun.

Just a little better each time.

And our readers seem to like it, too. Open and conversion rates have taken a nice little bump.

Oh, the places we’ll go…



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