About The Site

Mostly, this project was created to keep me accountable at becoming better. Not at anything in particular, just generally speaking typing. A better husband/father/writer/stranger. (More stranger?) It’s not that I’m bad at any of those things, per se. In fact, I think I’m pretty good at them.

But they all take daily practice. And quite honestly, I might have skipped a few Thursdays.

I’ll try to post at least 1x per week. Mostly about making mistakes and celebrating little victories. So I guess I’ll write whenever I do those things? And when they add up at the end, I hope it amounts to something kind of awesome.

(That last part was more about my life than the posts. But you knew that, didn’t you?)

About The Justin

I’m sort of tall. I’m not left-handed. I once was pretty good at talking to dogs. None of these things really panned out for me, though I’m still kind of all 3 of them.

By day, I’m a conversion copywriter and content manager. But when the sun goes down, it’s time for the fun. Roald Dahl, Shel Silverstein & Dr. Seuss slip into my world. I pepper the humdrum with their techniques and take my writing to Where the Wild Things Are.


P.S. If you have any feedback, need help putting personality into your copy, or just want to say hi, shoot me a note on the contact page. I love me some notes.

P.P.S. Not you, Mom.